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Which One is Better WordPress or Blogger?

Can you just pass up the opportunity of establishing yourself as an expert in the field and promotinh your products or knowledge to your customers?
Blogging has been around for almost 15  years now. Blogs have evolved advertising,business and social media tools.Websites have changed self expression has evolved  from personal story telling to video blogs, and new blogging outlets have emerged. The most widely used platforms right now are Blogger and Wordpress.As the social media report for 2012 showed that Blogger was the second most used social network in US,while Wordpress came in as fourth.But let's see differences between them.

Blogger Vs Wordpress

Running a site is enjoyable , but you have to determine certain things for yourself from a professional perspective.If you are a started,it is always suggested to opt Blogger.If you are serious about your blogging ,then you are suggested to choose WordPress self -hosting domain and there are many other WordPress hosting service available.You can enjoy the power of WordPress with these self hosted blogs.
Though Blogger gained more recognition  early on;WordPress is also one among the best CMS available on the internet.Bloggers can create free blogs on or run their blogs on their blogs domains,by making use of the WordPress CMS.

Key Differences Between Blogger and WordPress

Some of the differences between Blogger and WordPress are listed below:


Blogger:It has an updated dashboard design .More features are available ,but to make use of all of them ,it is compulsory to enable Javascript.
WordPress:The Dashboard in WordPress increases the speed for the dial-up users so that they can easily post an entry without facing too much difficulty, or wasting time.


Blogger: Blogger by Google supports only 50 languages.
WordPress: WordPress supports nearly 120+ languages.

Domain Names

Blogger: You can transfer your domain for free or you can buy one through the BlogSpot interface. And, once again free blogs are created as sub-domains with URLs like
WordPress: The user has to pay some amount in order to transfer an existing domain in case of the paid service, but of course you can create free blogs on in form of a sub-domain like

Mobile Access

Blogger: You can access the help pages of Blogger, but there's no mobile-specific version. But you can publish your post by sending SMS or MMS, for more information read this –
WordPress: You can be accessed through mobile on

Customizing Themes

Blogger: There are many blogger templates (themes) that can be customized without any hassle. You can edit the HTML and CSS directly.
WordPress: There are extremely high numbers of free WordPress themes available over the internet. Using the version of WordPress you can not fully customize the template, you can only customize the options available to you or switch to a new template.

Image Storage

Blogger: When you upload photos to Blogger they are stored in Google’s photo system, Picasa. There you can browse your images and much more. In blogger there is 1 GB of storage space (images under 2048×2048 do not count towards that limit, so it’s actually MUCH more than 1 gig) for storing images. If you required more space, you’ve to pay for more space.
WordPress: It has 3GB of storage space. But, if you want more space then you’ll have to upgrade by paying some money.


Blogger: There is an option called Labels, which serves as a tag, and posts are archived in monthly and yearly manner.
WordPress: It has an option to upload categories and tags.

Team Blogs

Blogger: Only 2 types-either Administrators or Non-Administrators.
WordPress: Various accounts for Editors, Authors and Contributors can be created.

Static Pages

Blogger: You can create up to twenty static pages, but like WordPress those static pages cannot be placed on the home page easily. If you want to show such static page as homepage, you’ve to edit the template HTML which is painfully complex for many users.
WordPress: You can create as many pages or posts that can be listed in the home page.

WordPress Vs Blogger SEO

If you take the suggestions of 100 bloggers on which platform to use – Blogger or WordPress, then the chances are high that 90 of them will blindly say WordPress. First of all, Google does not consider meta-tags and keywords. Another point is Blogger owned by Google makes things easier to support the blogger blogs. As there are many more changes to come in future, you will be safe if you are within Google's backyard.

For your information, there are tons of Blogger Blogs ranking in the top page in Google for various keywords, but you won’t see too many blogs ranking high (of course we aren't saying that there aren't any, but rather we're saying there aren't many!). On the other hand, there is literally millions of blogs set-up with the WordPress CMS.


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